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Lots Of Painting Experiments

Lots of painting experiments

I did a lot of painting experiments the last weeks. It has been very hot and working with wool was not really very tempting. Though I finished the machine stitching on my sunflower piece. I realized that the machine was due for a service, the stitches were not so even anymore. I tried to adjust the tension but couldn’t manage to stop the bottom thread showing on the front. So off it went for a service my good old workhorse Bernina 930 Record.

The felt seemed to be very fluffy and I wonder if I had felted it enough. I started with some hand embroidery and now I am in the process of covering the whole piece in some kind of net. Quite relaxing to sit there and slowly stitch along, I like it. I am using a shiny rayon variegated thread.

So I did several acrylic paintings the last week which was quite a challenge too because of the weather conditions. Acrylic paint is drying so quickly at the moment, that it is hard to blend right.

Here are some of my experiments

How it looks I should really post more often …..

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